Sunday, August 2, 2009

NDP's Fireworks are getting more awesome by the week.
Will update more about it when i have the time.
Time is runnning low.
One bloody week to finish all the assignments!
One random thing to share.
NICKHUN is damn cute can!
He is a cutie thai-chinese currently in a korean band named 2PM!
He can sing for god sake!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can i run away from everything im facing now?
gosh, im losing my breath!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

finally im back to blogging.
been busy and really lazy to blog.
but well, just had a sudden urge to blog.
about this really some times back event.
why this weirdo name you will ask?
well as usual the coaches are always are to no good.
therefore they asked the seniors to form a team.
WSP and YCS seniors mixed.
to come up with this team formation.
to kill the JUNIORS!
nah, just somehow torture them or bully them.
or use some really harsh skills on court.
examples: pull their shirts, push them till they fall etc..
this is the tasks requested to be done by the VIOLENT TEAM!
lets start off with the usual netball games photos.
no worries i didnt manage to take any violent stuffs.
so just read it with peace yo!

dont we just miss this kind of team talk times?!
moving on lets see some of the audiences cum players.
wsp juniors
nad caught my camera in action!
Now to the violent team members.
me and anni
"the violent team"
actually they are very gentle girls out of court..
hmm.. thats what i assume! XD
yunrui and wanlin.
jiemin and suming.
some of the other seniors are:
lets move on the JUMP JUMP SHOTS!
randomly sorting out the photos.
and i realise there are alot of jumping going on.
therefore i catergorize them together.

i name this the flying kick!

actually this should be ballet jump!

frog jump!

close your eyes and pray that the ball will be defended JUMP SHOT!

i like this personally.
well after all the JUMPINGS.
you must be shagged!
while playing, do you actually look around?
hmm i doubt so cos normally you don bother about it.
let me show you shots you can see from a netball court.
from a different angle,
i show you the things you normally see.
that makes you go "WOO!"

there are always FUNNY MOMENTS in the games.
some really precious moments captured unexpectedly.
focus on the ball thrower.
weird pose she have there!
more like throwing a javelin! agree?
saving the ball with all her might!
till her opppnent got a shock and almost fell!
great save there though!
focus on your right hand side.
you see 2 person colliding together.
looks normal right?
but well they are the coaches so its a funny moment too!
please enlarge this to get a clearer pic.
intention was to capture 2 lazy bums lying there.
but well wanqian was really cute in her movement.
so i combine it for easy viewing!
coach is trying to make the netball float!
haha! MAGIC!
did a special column for songzhen!
who really cares for her girls more than anything.
including herself.

haha songzhen you look short here! SORRY!
hope you like it though.
my small dedication! XD
well normally some people would get pranked by their own friends.
this is purely just to de-stress i assume.
we are not trying to advertise!
the whole story of the victim trying to know whats happening was funny though!

great picture to end off!
will update on all the events i had these few weeks
or month!
at one go!
be here to read it! XD